How does it work?

When you submit a song, we analyze it for repeating acoustic patterns and generate suggestions for where you can edit the song to generate a seamless transition. After entering your desired target duration, our code will find a matching combination of transitions to get as close as possible to your target.

You can also specify which parts of the song you like or dislike and the results will update to take your preferences into account. The new results will avoid any portions you don't like (for example if you dislike a guest feature or particular verse) and focus on sections that you do (for example a catchy chorus).

How can I generate a version of just my favorite part?

Drag (or long press on mobile) to select the part of the song you like and hit "repeat" in the menu that opens. New results will populate that loop your preferred section. After you click on export, you can choose to just download the perfect loop you created. It will be edited to be seamless when you export and might differ from the preview.

Do you keep a copy of my files?

Your submitted files are stored online along with the results of the analysis. These files may be deleted at any time. Please see the legal terms for more details.

How do I get an uncompressed version of the song?

After clicking export, select the WAV file option to download an uncompressed version of your edit.

How can I preview parts of a song faster?

When working with a mouse, you can point at the portion you want to listen to and press the spacebar. Mofi will play starting at the cursor position until you press the spacebar again.

How is this different than the remix function in Adobe Audition or Premiere?

Just like those tools, Mofi allows you to refit a song to a certain length but it also allows you to choose sections to avoid or prefer. Read more in our blog.